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Our goal as a company is to bring board games to the masses in a fun and scalable way. Our games feature both beginner and advanced modes, so after you learn the basics you can explore deeper, more strategic ways of playing. Whether you are new to board and card games or a seasoned hobbyist, welcome to Koalatie Games!


Have you ever watched singing competition shows and thought to yourself, “I’m a better judge of talent than these people….” Well now you can prove it! Become a judge in the new reality TV sensation, Upstaged!

The box is the stage!

And it spins, too!

Visit the Upstaged section for more info, just click on the dice below! Or join the discussion on Discord!

Try it Free Online!

COMING SOON: Try it Free Online!

Click the globe icon to play on the web with Tabletopia or click on the Steam icon to access the Tabletop Simulator mod!

DJ Icon (Coming Soon)

Luck equals opportunity plus preparedness, just like in the music business. Travel to different cities, gain opportunities, and earn fame. Use special musical gear to overtake your rivals. Everyone becomes a star, but only one is crowned an Icon. *Artwork not final
Spin Your Way to Stardom!

Spin Your Way to Stardom!

Spin the record and use your gear to win.
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