2-4 Players

15-30 Minutes

Ages 14+

Have you ever watched singing competition shows and thought to yourself, “I’m a better judge of talent than these people….” Well now you can prove it! Become a mentor in the new reality TV sensation, Upstaged! Form the highest-scoring trio in this quick, easy-to-learn board game to win!
  • The game box is the stage!
  •  Twist the entire game board to gain the advantage!
  • Recruit awesome artists or “assist” other players!
  • Play in Rehearsal (easy) or Live TV (advanced) mode!
  • Deliver backhanded compliments with the Outspoken variation!
Upstaged! Discover the next big musical trio!

How to Play

Below is a general overview of how to play. At the bottom you can find the full rulebook downloadable in PDF format, and/or you can follow the YouTube Links to find a quick tutorial video and a full video of game play.

Set up the Game

Form the arena by closing the box, then slipping the tabs of all four Runways into the slits between the box halves with the same side facing up.

Shuffle and deal four cue cards to each player. Shuffle the artist deck and add four artists to the stage, each facing different directions.

Make separate cue card and artist decks with the remaining cards. Place them off to the side, making sure they will not interfere with the arena as it rotates.

Perform Two Actions

On your turn you may perform up to two actions, even the same action twice. These actions are:
  •  PLAY a cue card from your hand by following the cues in order.
  •  DISCARD two cue cards of the same cue card type from your hand to move one artist forward one spot.
  • An artist joins your team when they move from the last runway spot to the area in front of you.

Upstage an Artist!

If an artist attempts to join any team that is full, that artist has Upstaged the team! If it is your turn, YOU choose which artist leaves the team that is full. Place that artist on a team that is not full.

End of Turn

Draw cards from the cue card deck until you have four cards in your hand.

Game End

The game ends when every mentor has four artists.


First, perform The Cut by removing one of your artists and placing them to the side. Their attributes do not count towards your score. Then, add the point values of your remaining three artists plus any team bonuses. Highest score wins Upstaged!

Videos and Resources

Learn to Play

Original Kickstarter Video